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Prediction for the match: France – Argentina

The FIFA World Cup eighth finals could not have started much more than the match between France and Argentina. Two of the teams that are not particularly convincing, but still two teams that are full of stars and who are fully capable of doing a great game. The very large number of players who can make anything out of the game makes this game so unpredictable. This is also shown by bookmaker odds. The victory for France is estimated at 2.4 from Bet365, while Argentina’s eventual success rate is 3.6. The match is completely open to all three possible exits, and the only one is sure to be very interesting.

If we look at the statistics, however, we will see that France and Argentina are among the teams that scored the least number of goals so far. Both teams have 3. Just to compare, Tunisia has 5 goals scored, but African footballers from this team are already home. Statistics also show that the teams are also relatively low-pitched, at least against the world’s leading teams. Argentina has 44 and France is only 36 in the three games so far. The two teams made a total of 14 exact strikes in the opponents’ gates, with main players in this being Messi and Grozman, who are close to half.

From what has been said so far, perhaps a match will emerge, which will not be particularly effective. This is again reflected by bookmaker odds, with Bet365 giving a 1.45 odds ratio for Under 2.5 goals in the match. Personally, my sense of this match is for zero regular time, with a factor of 6.5. However, this forecast is a little risky in terms of the individual class of the players of both teams. Messi, Grizzman, Pugba, Babe, Aguero, and almost everyone in the two teams are players who can hardly score a goal. That is why I will insure myself and I will place a regular game in a regular game. The coefficient for this is 3. The result of the match could be followed directly on

The proposed bet365 odds for this winner to be determined after extensions is 6, and after penalties 5, which are also interesting bets. Either way, everything will be clear on Saturday night. Nice viewing and success in stakes.

Match Preview: Portugal – Uruguay

Two iron protections plus the incredible skill of Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez. This is the proposal from the second round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup between Portugal and Uruguay. The Portuguese have so far scored four goals but still Pepe and Company are really a team that can handle every attack. The latter is even more true for Diego Godin and his colleagues in the defense of Uruguay, who are the only team to date, who has not allowed a goal.

This is evidenced by the bookmakers’ odds, with expectations that the goals in the match are below 2.5. The odds Bet365 offers for this bet is only 1.4. This is quite likely, although Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 4 goals so far and Suarez and Cavan have 3 in their three games so far. Ronaldo is also the leader in the number of accurate strikes to the opponents’ gates, with seven in the past. Impressive is his result, as from a total of 15 goals scored by the Portuguese, half of them managed to score a perfect shot and four times and scored. There is no other player so active and at the same time accurate in his actions at the World Cup. Just to compare, Neimar has 17 goals to date, but only 1 goal.

Statistics also show a problem in Edison Cavani’s game. The second one in Uruguay’s atomic assault is one goal so far – against Russia in the last few minutes with a clear winner, but it does not go too far. In three games so far, he has managed to score just 4 straight shots. It is also a problem for the tabs that Luis Suarez is also one that makes Uruguay quite limited on Saturday night’s goals. 5.5 is the 0: 0 ratio in the match, which is one of the lowest in the eighth finals. The tie match is also very low and is only 2.9. In fact, this is also the lowest level of equality of all the world’s eighth finals in Russia. However, a regular time draw bet seems perfectly logical given the style of play of both teams and the importance of the match.

This is also my prognosis for this match, the only one that can bring the match out of eventual draw is a moment of genius by some of the three of us who wrote above.